Our SOLE Podoprinter solution is a unique combination of a 3D Belt printer, filament and specialized insole CAD software. You can scan with almost any device and use our integrated easy workflow without knowledge of 3D printing. Simply a push of a button.

Our  SOLE Podoprinter solution drives innovation:

  • 100% automated production of an insole
  • after printing, the insole is ready for use by the client
  • library of CAD templates (and possibility to develop your own)
  • flexibility of shore hardness of 30–65

Our SOLE Podoprinter solution enables cost savings:

  • Reduced lead time
  • Reduced stock keeping costs of cast/foam materials
  • Facilitate standardization and harmonization
  • Optimize production location and save on labor and shipping costs
  • More time to spend with clients, resulting in more sales

Our SOLE Podoprinter solution is responsible for environment & health

  • 100% waste free
  • Recycle of used insole is possible
  • No dust particle issues
  • Better, safer working conditions for production staff