What we sell

Our SOLE by Podoprinter solution is a unique combination of a 3D belt printer, foaming filament and specialized insole CAD software. You can scan with almost any device and use our integrated easy workflow without knowledge of 3D printing. Simply a push of a button.


How we sell

We sell globally, using a network of regional independend distributors. We are constantly enlarging our distributor network. Ask us for a distributor near you.

What Benefits

The list of benefits is almost non-exhaustive. To name a few: no waste, fast design time of 2-3 minutes per pair, and a 24x7 unmanned production. And yes, you can apply conventional glue and other materials on our 3D insole.

Cost per pair

Bottomline a pair of our 3D printed insoles is on average 3,- EURO cheaper compared to traditional insoles. (EU salary level, 90% of capacity used of 3D printer, 97% yield)


During the lifetime of your 3D PodoPrinter, all software needed will be kept up to date. We will constantly develop new features based on customer requirements and provide it to the whole community.